P12. Effect of Sn incorporation on physical properties of NiO sprayed thin films for optoelectronic devices

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Date(s) - 10/11/2018
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Cité des Sciences à Tunis



Faculté des Sciences de Tunis (FST)

Lieu : Pavillon des Expositions Temporaires (CST)

Tin-doped nickel oxide thin films have been successfully prepared by spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrates at 460°C. The effect of tin doping on structural, optical, and electrical properties were investigated. X-ray diffraction pattern reveals that all prepared thin films have cubic structure with (111) preferred orientation. The surface topography of these films was performed by atomic force microscopy the roughness of these films is in the rage 16.6 nm to 28 nm. Optical measurements show a high transparency in the visible range around 95%. The optical band gap Eg decreases with Sn content from 3.633 to 3.54 eV.

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